7IIFF 1st Edition, 2006

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Weapons ofMass Deception


Time After Time


Little Peace of Mine


End of Dialogue UK
A Hero For All Nelson Mandela's Farewell USA
Mother Tongue Australia
The Oil Factor: Behind The War on Terror USA
Drowned Out UK
Prisoners of Hope USA
Being Osama USA
Peace By Peace: Women On the Front Lines Austria
Ground Zero / Sacred Ground Ground Zero / Sacred Ground
Shadow Play Australia
Unravelling Australia
The Peace Patriots USA
Holding Your Breath Australia
SHHH Australia
Islam Teroru Lanetler Turkey
Brother Outsider : The Life of Bayard Rustin Canada
Dunya Savaslarinin Perde Arkasi Turkey
Slim Pickings Australia
Arms for the Poor USA
The Good War And Those Who Refused To Fight It USA
Hidden Wars Of Desert Storm USA
An Act of Conscience USA
Not In My Name (II) – The Human Shields UK
Put Doma (On The Way Home) Croatia
Causes Australia
Missing Peace - Women of Faith and the Failure of War USA
The Tooth Australia
Behind Enemy Lines Israel
Crossing The Line Australia
Not In My Name (I) UK
Mandela In America USA
Return To The Land Of Wonders Iraq

Weapons ofMass Deception
Doc/DVD/98 min./Col./U.S.A.

Director Danny Schechter
Ex.Producer Anant Singh
About the film :

There were two wars going on in Iraq ‑ one was fought with armies of soldiers, bombs and fearsome military force. The other was fought alongside it with cameras, satellites, armies of journalists and propaganda techniques. One was was rationalized as an effort to find and disarm WMI)s ‑ Weapons of Mass Destruction ; the other was carried out by even more powerful WMDs, Weapons of Mass Deception.

The TV networks in America considered their non‑stop coverage their finest hour, pointing to the use of embedded journalists and new technologies that permitted viewers to see a war up close for the first time. But different countries saw different wars.....

Time After Time
Director & Producer Duo Danny Schechter
About the film :

The film is a cinematic poem, a symphony of images celebrating the great heritage of ancient Celtic, American and Australian peoples. After four years of filming beautiful landscapes, sacred gathering places and ancient symbols and icons in Ireland, North America and Australia, the filmmakers mix song, music ad images to create this astonishing feat of true artistry ......

A lyrical and jubilant interpretation of the human spirit

- a visual and aural feast to remind us of our
common harmonious ancestry"


Little Peace of Mine
Doc.Nideo/56 min./Col./Israel-2004

Director Eyal Avneri
About the film :

After witnessing a terror attack, Nadav, a charismatic 12 year old Jerusalemite decides that grown ups can no longer be trusted to bring peace to the region and he must act. The film follows Nadav for two years. The reality he and his friends uncover is a reflection of the world of adults, Palestinians and Israelis, living in a ‑shadow of war...

End of Dialogue
Doc./ 1 6mm/45mins./Col./UK
A film shot mostly by five young black South African members of the Pan Africanist Congress and was smuggled out of South Africa. In 1969 a group of South African Exiles and film students who formed a charitable trust, Morena films, helped to edit the film and have produced a 45 minute documentary.
About the film :

"Black children must never be allowed to look on the green pastures where they will never graze."

The story of Apartheid in South Africa, 1970. The film shows some of the facts about apartheid from the point of view of the victims ‑ the South African blacks, deliberately avoiding a sensational presentation. The filmmakers approach is low key and relies for effect on the stark presentation of facts. Apart from the brutalities that are recorded in press from time to time, they have tried to show the mental violence where the victim is forced to participate in his own torture in the form of daily harassment, complete denial of human dignity, the hopelessness....

The film has won several awards at prestigious international film festivals of the world including the Oberhausen.


A Hero For All Nelson Mandela's Farewell
Doc./60 min./USA‑ 1998

Director Danny Schechter
Producer Anant Singh
A Globalvision production in association with Video Vision Entertainment/Distant Horizon.
About the film :

The film chronicles Nelson Mandela's 1998 farewell tour throughout the United States and Canada before steeping down as President ......

Mother Tongue
Animation/Video/6 min./Col./Australia
Director Susan Kim
Producer Lea Cryden, Ann Shenfield
About the film :

Separated from her father, a young girl and her mother record an audiocassette for him daily. Their voices measure the real and imaginary distance between them...

The Oil Factor: Behind The War on Terror
Doc./Video/93 min./Col./USA‑2004

Director Gerard Ungerman & Audrey Brohy
Narration Ed Asner
Production Free Will Productions
About the film :

According to O.E.C.D. data, the Middle‑East holds 70% of the world's oil reserves while North America and Europe will run out of oil in 2010 at their current rate of production. Current technologies might provide alternatives to oil for energy but not to oil for plastics.

Was invading Iraq and Afghanistan really meant to reduce terrorist threats against the United States or was it a ploy to guarantee that the average American can go on for a little while consuming 4 times more energy that the average European or 32 times more energy than the average African?

'Powerfully persuasive ........     The Los Angeles Times.
Drowned Out
Director Franny Armstrong
Production spanner Films Ltd.
About the film :

The inside story of the Narmada Dam.

They have just three choices. Move to the slums in the city, relocate to a barren resettlement site with no drinking water or stay at home and drown. The people of Jalsindhi in central India must make a decision fast. In the next few weeks their village will disappear underwater as the giant Narmada dam fills....

Shot over a period of three years the film also brings you face to face with personalities like Arundhati Roy and Medha Patkar

Prisoners of Hope
Director Danny Schechter
EX. Producer Anant Singh
As Told by Gcina Mhlophe
A Videovision Entertainment Production
About the film :

The Film is about the return of 1250 former political prisoners to the notorious Robben Island in South Africa led by President Nelson Mandela. The ecstasy of a reunion...
Being Osama
Director Duo Mahmoud Kaabour, Tim Schwab
Producer Ari A cohen, Avan M Beloff Diversus
Photography Andrei Khabad
Editing Yurij Luhovy
About the film :

A story of six unique individuals ‑ everyone names Osama.

Shot against the cultural backdrop of Montreal, the film follows the six Osamas from the time of the American invasion of Iraq in March 2003 to the anti‑WTO demonstrations in late July of the same year. Through a series of interviews and by observing their daily lives the film explores how sharing a first name with the world's most notorious terrorist can shape perception and prejudice.....

Peace By Peace: Women On the Front Lines Doc./DVD/86min./Col./Austria‑2003
Director Duo Lisa Hepner, Patricia Smith Melton
Narration Jessica Lange
Editor Kate Ahmed

Lisa Hepner, Nisma Zaman

A Peace X Peace Production

About the film :

The current state of the world makes us wonder if peace is possible on a global scale. In the past soldiers constituted most of war casualties, but in today's conflicts civilians comprise 90 percent of war casualties, the majority being women and children. Yet in the midst of this ongoing horror women around the world are standing up for peace ...
Ground Zero / Sacred Ground
Animation/DVD/9 min./Col./USA
Director & Producer Karen Aqua
Sound John Kusiak
Music Ken Field
About the film :

"Using animation was a powerful way to convey both the devastating effects of nuclear testing and the hope for healing the earth."

In the southwestern United States lies three rivers and an ancient native American rock art site. Thirty‑five miles away, on the White Sands missile range, the world's first atomic bomb was detonated at the Trinity Site in 1945. The striking contrast of the site ‑ one which rivers and lives in harmony with the natural world and one which strives to control the forces of nature creating means for its destruction. The film explores these opposing forces..

Shadow Play
AnimationNideo/4.02 min./Col./Australia
Director Susan Kim
Producer VCA School of Film and Television.
About the film :

Set in a strange world of dead insects, glass trinkets and broken clocks, 'Shadow Play is the story of a small prince whose innocent childhood games are infiltrated by the darker tone of his imagination. ....
Animation/Video/3 min./Col./Australia
Director & Producer Ann Shenfield
About the film :

The film has won the 3rd Prize at Evolution Art Festival and a Certificate of Excellence at Australian Arts and Animation Festival. It has also participated in Annecy, Prix Arts Electronica and Krakow.

A video series of 3 independent documentaries by Robbie Leppzer

The Peace Patriots

Director & Producer Robbie Leppzer
Narration Janeane Garofalo
About the film :

The film is an intimate portrayal of American dissenters of their personal participation as engaged citizen in a time of war. On March 20th 2003, the United States launched a military invasion of Iraq. A month before over 15 million people around the world demonstrated against this impending war in an unprecedented day of global protest. The film chronicles the story of people living in one area of New England- the Connecticut River valley in Western Massachusetts-who opposed the U.S invasion and the military occupation of Iraq. A people’s history unfolds.......
Holding Your Breath
Animation/Video/6.3 min./Col./Australia
Director Anthony Lucas
About the film :

The film has won the Best Animation Award at Bilboa International Festival. It has also participated in Cannes 2002, Annecy, 2002 and Ottawa Film Festival 2002.
Animation/Video/5 min./Col./Australia
Director Adam Robb
About the film :

The animation film has been an entry in St. Kilda Film Festival, 2002.

Two Documentaries from PGS GULF INC, Turkey

Islam Teroru Lanetler(Islam Denounces Terrorism)

A Film Made By PGS Gulf INC
About the film :

The film presents the muslim response and denunciation of terrorism. Beginning with the event of September 11, the film explains that all kinds of violence against civilians are crimes against humanity and grave sins in religious terms.
This film is based on the works of Harun Yahya

Brother Outsider : The Life of Bayard Rustin
Doc./DVD/83 min./Col./Canada

Director Duo Nancy Kates
  Bennet Singer
About the film :

The Pulsating story of Bayard Rustin ‑ an unknown hero of the American civil rights movement for African‑American dignity. He was the linchpin of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s crusade for civil rights....A crusader for justice....A disciple of Gandhi………….   An openly gay man ………….

A mega winner of more than twenty international awards including Best Documentary Feature, Cinequest, 2003; Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival, 2003 and audience awards at several Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals.


Dunya Savaslarinin Perde Arkasi
(Behind the Scenes of World Wars) Doc./DVD/53mins./Col/Turkey

A Film Made by PGS Gulf INC
About the film :

The 20th century was the bloodiest in world history. During this humanity was introduced to the concept of a 'World War', for the first time. Token together world wars I & 11 resulted in a total of 65 million people losing their lives. About half of these casualties were civilians who had nothing to do with these wars. So one might ask how did the world find itself in the midst of such colossal insanity.
This film is based on the works of Harun Yahya
Slim Pickings
AnimationNideo/4.3 min./Col./Australia
Director Anthony Lucas
About the film :

The film has won the Best Animation Award at IF Awards, 2000‑01. It has also participated in Sundance, 2002 and Flickerfest 2001.
Director Nitin D. Agrawal

It’s an attempt to compare Human Beings and Animals through the medium of Human

crimes and an Animals life. A thought provoking question is posed towards the end as to "WHO IS THE ANIMAL" the living beings who are born in an Animal body or the living beings who are born in a Human body‑

Arms for the Poor
Director & Producer Duo Anne Macksoud, John Ankele
Narration Richard Kiley
About the film :

Oscar Arias, reporter Cynthia McKinney, the Dalai Lama and specialists in tracking the arms trade build a dramatic case against the US weapon‑export business to developing countries. The film presents an international spectrum of experts, dignitaries and activists who share the belief of one Nobel Laureate that "the poor are crying out for schools and doctors, not guns and generals...
The Good War And Those Who Refused To Fight It
Director Duo Rick Tejada ‑ Flores , Judith Ehrlic
Producer Paradigm Production
Narration Ed Asner
About the film :

In association with Independent Television Service

The story of World War II conscientious objectors (WWII CO) Most WWII COs served as non‑combatants in the armed services. Many worked in civilian public service camps, served as medical guinea pigs and helped reform the mental health system. Those who went to prison fought to integrate the Federal prisons. After the war COs changed America in many ways. They were pioneers in the civil Rights movement, founded the anti‑nuclear movement, created Pacifica Radio and helped guide the anti‑vietnam war movement……

"in a time when it's again easy to endorse any military response to the savagery of terrorists, the 'The Good War' provides a necessary reminder that pacifists also can be heroic and natriotic."

Hidden Wars Of Desert Storm
Director Gerard Ungerman & Audrey Brohy
Producer Free Will Productions
Narration John Hurt
About the film :

- What is the history of U.S. involvement in Iraq ?
- Was Saddam Hussein’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait a surprise ?
- Was war the only solution to the 1990 Gulf crisis ?
- Was Iraq really threatening Saudi Arabia ?
- Was didn’t Washington support the Iraqi opposition then ?
- Could the embargo on Iraq have served alternate purposes ?

A two year investigation, "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" brings answers to all of these questions and offers an enlightening background on the past and present U.S. involvement in Iraq. Presents documents never seen before on television…….
An Act of Conscience
Docufeature/DVD/90mins./col/USA‑ 1997
Director & Producer Robbie Leppzer
Narration Martin Sheen
About the film :

How far are you willing to go to stand up for your deepest beliefs ?

For Randy Kehler and Betsy Comer of Colrain, Massachusetts, their life‑long commitment to pacifism led them to risk losing their home. For fourteen years they publicly refused to pay federal taxes as a protest against war and military spending. As a consequence their home was seized by US marshals and IRS agents. The film chronicles the couple's five year long struggle. A classic tale of non‑violent resistance....
Not In My Name (II) – The Human Shields
Doc/BetaSP/50mins./Col/UK‑ 2003
Director Marcus Relton
Producer Chris Reeves
A Platform Films Production
About the film :

In January 2003 around 25 people got in three London double decker buses and set out for Iraq. Their aim was to stop war. People called them “human Shields”. The film follows their journey to Baghdad, the support they found along the way and the disturbing realities they discovered in a country on the brink of invasion……..
Put Doma (On The Way Home)
Doc/DVD/9 min./col/Croatia
Director Duska Boban

Environmental Association SUNCE
Art & Design Studio

About the film :

'On the Way Home' is a socially committed experimental documentary. The film was shot at Kamiza on the island of Vis, Croatia during the celebration of St. Nicolas holiday. Since the ancient times the islanders here burn a boat in honour of St. Nicolas every 9th December. It is an ecological and spiritual manifestation in which ancient customs meet. The mystical and spiritual atmosphere builds up in the island
AnimationNideo/3 min./col./Australia
Director Joseph Brumm
About the film :

Using coloured pencil animation, this film strives to unite a famous pair of opposites ‑ cause and effect. 'Causes' delivers its message forcefully and expertly, depicting such messages as consumerism, big corporate greed, third world exploitation and cigar smoking!

The film has won special Jury Award at the Environmental Film Festival, Annecy, 2002 and was the Animation Finalist at Spain.
Missing Peace - Women of Faith and the Failure of War
Director & Producer Duo Anne Macksoud , John Ankele
About the film :

The "War on Terrorism" is premised on a view of the world as a battleground upon which the forces of good are confronting the forces of evil in a religious struggle of apocalyptic proportions. All sides are drawing upon a worldview that dates back to the origins of the patriarchal monotheisms in the deserts of the Middle East.

Christians, Muslims and Jews have used the notion of a divine mandate to justify violence and warfare ever since.

In this 46 minute documentary, six women ‑ all visionaries and activists ‑ allow us to see how their work in the world is inspired by their respective faith traditions and how, at their core, all three traditions teach peace rather than violence...
The Tooth
AnimationNideo/4 min./Col./Australia
Director Nathan Stone

Navissa Karanagh
Luke Hetherington

About the film :

The film has won the Best Animation Award, Manhattan Short Film Festival, 2004. It has also participated in Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2004; Uppsala International Short Film Festival, 2004 and Flickerfest 2004.
Behind Enemy Lines
Doc.Nideo/64 min./Col./Israel‑2004
Director Dov Gil Har
About the film :

In the midst of the Israeli‑Palistinian conflict, two former friends and present day enemies, embark on an emotional journey into Intifahdaland, in search of the origins of bloodshed. Benny Hermes, an Israeli police officer and a Palestinian journalist Adrian Joulani spend a week traveling together through places which have become symbols of the dispute. Each has selected locations in attempt to convince the other of his own truth .....
Crossing The Line
Doc ./DG:Beta/5 6min./Col/Australia‑2005
Director Kaye Harrison
Production Rod Freedman
About the film :

When two young non‑indigenous medical students go to work in a remote aboriginal community, their  professional precepts and personal ideas are deeply challenged. Paul and Amy are two fourth‑year medical students from Tassie who for their studies, volunteer to spend eight weeks on Mornington Island. Like most Australians, they have never been exposed to life in a remote indigenous community.....
Not In My Name (I)
Director Marcus Relton

Chris Reeves
A Platform Films Production

About the film :

The story of the US war on terrorism YOU DIDN'T see on TV!

The film explains the background to the attack on Afghanistan, charts the growth of anti‑war movement and offers a chilling insight into the dangers of US imperialism which country will the US attack next? Who are the REAL terrorists?
Mandela In America
Doc./90min/USA‑ 1991
Director & Producer Danny Schechter
Camera Kevin Keating
Chief Editor Rose Rosenblatt
About the film :

This documentary covers Nelson Mandela's triumphant visit to the United States including the memorable public and private moments of his trip from Yankee stadium to the White House.....
Return To The Land Of Wonders
Doc./DVD/88 min./Col./Iraq‑2004
Director & Producer Maysoon Pachachi
On‑line Editor Anne Even
An Oxymoron films production with ZDF in co‑operation with ARTE
About the film :

A story of struggle of the Iraqis desperate to assert their rights.

Soon after the 2003 Iraq war, filmmakers Maysoon Pachachi returns to Baghdad after 35 years. She accompanies her father, 80 year old Adnan, who has returned to head a committee drafting a temporary constitution and Bill of Rights. The film follows this tortuous process with its arguments over wording changes demanded by Washington or compromises to satisfy sectarian interests. Moving between political sphere and everyday life on the streets the film offers a unique glimpse into the resilience of the Iraqis.....

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