7IIFF 8th Edition, 2013

February 11-13, 2013
DAY 1 - February 11, 2013
Atomic Bombs on the Planet Earth
Director: Peter Greenaway, Netherlands / United Kingdom, 2011, 12 mins
(Yellow Oscar Nomination / Special Achievements Award, UFF, 2012)

There have been an astonishing 2201 atomic bombs dropped on the planet Earth between 1945 and 1989. The film documents each of the explosions – a relentless build up of accumulating destruction that is both awe-inspiring and dreadful.
Maralinga Pieces
Director: Jessie Boylan, Australia, 2012, 13 min
(World Premiere)

A film on the secretive nuclear weapon tests carried out by the British Government between 1952 and 1963 at Maralinga and Emu Field in South Australia and on the Monte Bello Islands off the coast of Western Australia.
Uranium 238: The Pentagon's Dirty Pool
Director: Pablo Ortega, Costa Rica, 2009, 28 min
(Jury Award as the Best Short Film of UFF 2011)

On the hazards that the use of depleted uranium or DU in conventional weapons pose for the health of soldiers and civilians.
Jadugoda: The Black Magic
Director: Shri Prakash, India, 2009, 9 min, English
(Yellow Oscar Nomination, UFF)

Jadugoda is India's oldest underground uranium mine. The film documents the devastating effects of uranium mining by Uranium Corporation of India Limited in Jadugoda.
Uranium: A Poisoned Legacy
Director: Dominique Hennequin, France, 2009, 52 mins, English

A shocking investigation into three areas affected by uranium mining in Africa: Mounana where activity has now ceased; Arlit, where the mines have been active for 40 years; and Imouraren, a future site. In spite of the horrific damage to local population, more mines are being constructed.
Sacred Ground
Director: Karen Aqua, USA, 1997, 9 mins, Animation
(Yellow Oscar Nomination, UFF; Best Animation Film award: Humboldt International Film Festival, CA, 1998; Marin County National Festival of Short Films, CA, 1998; Utah Short Film & Video Festival, 1998; Archaeology Channel International Film & Video Festival, Oregon, 2003)

In the southwestern USA an ancient Native American rock art site where over 10,000 petro glyphs were created by the Jornada Mogollon people between 900 - 1400 A.D.; 35 miles away, the world's first atomic bomb was detonated at the Trinity Site in 1945. The film explores the striking contrast between these two worlds.
DAY 2 - February 12, 2013
When the Dust Settles
Director: David Bradbury. Australia, 2010, 35 min
(David Bradbury is the winner of five Australian Film Industry awards and two Academy Award nominations.)

The film combines comedy and serious content to explain the dangers of uranium mining, the nuclear fuel cycle and the use of depleted nuclear materials in weapons production.
Burial at Los Alamos
Director: Eve-Andree Laramee, USA, 2006, 6 min, Animation

On the burial of 17,500,000 cubic feet of radioactive and other toxic waste by Los Alamos National Labs, in unlined pits in the Earth. This radioactive waste has contaminated groundwater, and deep aquifer water, affecting indigenous communities and surrounding land.
Leonid's Story
Directors: Rainer Ludwigs & Tetyana Chernyavska
Germany / Ukraine, 2011, 19 mins, Animation
(Yellow Oscar Best Animation Film, UFF, 2012; Short Awards Winner, Melbourne International Film Festival; Winner Green Filmfest Seoul 2011)

A Soviet family searching for a modest paradise is swept into an immense disaster. This magically animated film combines drawing, photography and documentary video to capture the surreal emotions of the too-real tragedy – Chernobyl 1986.
Radioactive Wolves
Director: Klaus Feichtenberger, Austria, 2011, 52 min
(Special Achievement Award, UFF; Best Habitat Program Award at the 2011 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival)

After the Chernobyl explosion on April 26, 1986, one city and some 150 villages were evacuated. About 340.000 people were displaced. Uninhibited by the presence of humans, a profusion of wild species has since taken over the Chernobyl exclusion zone, a territory of about 3.000 square kilometers, creating a new wilderness. At the top of this eco-system is the wolf.
The Nightmare is Blue
Director: Ângelo Lima, Brazil, 2008, 30 min
(Best documentary of the 6th ABD Cine Goiás Festival (Troféu Pedra Goiâna) 2008)

In 1987 in Goiânia took place one of the biggest radioactive accidents of the world. Twenty years later the survivors are telling what happened and about their live after the accident.
Food and Radiation
Director: Yoko Kumano, USA, 2012, 18 min, Japanese / English
(World Premiere)

On the issue of contamination of the food chain with radioactive elements after the March 11, 2011, Fukushima desaster.
Voices from the Daughters of the Sea
India, 20 mins

Short film on the struggle of the women of Kudankulam against the Kudankulam Nuclear Plant.
DAY 3 - February 13, 2013
Seminar on Nuclear Energy
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