12 years ago we started a mission to spread importance of non-violent resistance, global disarmament, human rights & peace. To spread this message we selected the medium of documentary films, feature films, animation and short films.

7Islands international film festival is entering into the 12th edition. We could continue the festival because of unflinching support of Dr. Manish Shrikant of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Cultural Centre Andheri and Dr. G. G. Parikh of Yusuf Meherally Centre.

We could have easily made this film festival a commercially viable proposal with the help of sponsors, advertisements etc. but in that case there was a fear that this festival may get degenerated like some other film festivals in the world. We always wanted to keep up the spirit of marching forward to noble aim with equally noble means.

In between, two years we staggered the edition of festival due to some logistical problems. The fact is, on our journey we found many supporters who gave us encouragement for the continuance of the festival. Interestingly Consulate General of Israel was our chief guest for 3 consecutive festivals. Our one edition was totally dedicated to Australia and Consular General of Australia also accepted to become the Chief Guest. A veteran freedom fighter and socialist leader Shri Surendra Mohan was our chief guest for one of the edition.

7iiFF, we admit, its not a very glamorous festival but we are definitely an important one. We may not have crowd but we do have quality audience. To increase the quantum of audience we could have easily invited persons from glamour field or from political arena or brought in commercial films. However we refrained or rather restrained ourselves for falling prey to it.

As we move towards 12th edition of fest, I thank you all for constant support and encouragement to keep this mission going with the hope that the message will pass on to society that things can be achieved without violence on this earth.

Director, 7Islands International Film Festival


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