SRIVIDYA SANSTHAN intends to establish an institute to impart ancient scientific knowledge of Indian Mystical Sciences & to turn the Ayurvedic System into holistic science by bringing essence of all the three systems i.e. Mantra, Mani (Gems) & Medicine (Aushadhi) to one place for the benefit of the Humanity.

India has a rich heritage of holistic healing systems, benefits of which are being realized and evaluated world over. The value of traditional medicinal herbs such as NEEM & TURMERIC are being planted as intellectual properties. It is observed that the Indian knowledge encapsulated in ancient SHASTRAS got diluted due to the ORAL tradition of transfer from teacher to pupil. Time has come to revive our holistic Shastras and put them to proper use for the benefit of mankind. Health being of prime importance for our well-being, the science which fosters healthy living certainly needs to be given first priority. Modern medical science has reached a stage of shift from use of synthetic medicines to a more natural, holistic, integrated approach of healing. Our health is the product of so many complex & inter-related factors such as food habits, life-styles, stress levels, energy levels affected by planetary influences, electromagnetic field and gravitational effects. The entire Universe is a mass of energy and our body, mind, emotions are nothing but gross manifestation of the same energy. Our diseases are the result of disturbances in this energy. Most of the diseases are psychosomatic in nature and need to be approached from holistic method. 3 M is a rare combination of such holographic systems.

Mantra, is the Sanskrit word for collection of words which create vibrations to generate specific effect. Each mantra has its own vibration frequency which harmonizes the energy levels and connects to the cosmic energy. Mantra can manifest intentions, summon universal energy for welfare and elevate individual consciousness to the Higher Consciousness. Mantras have the power to create health through harmonizing energy levels. They cultivate the mind and help us in controlling our body, mind & emotions. Unfortunately, the science of Mantra is not utilized to its full potential nor scientific research is being sponsored to revive it.

Mani or Gems are conductors of energy. Gems have effect on our nervous system and functioning of various body organs. Western scientists gave conducted experiments relating the effects of crystals on the health. Their research confirms Indian view of wearing different birth gems for healthy living and harmonious planetary effects. The Zodiac signs effect people differently through planetary electromagnetic forces which make them prone to different disorders or diseases. Gems being conductors of energy, they balance the effects of these forces, harmonizing the homeostasis in the body. This is the time to supplement Indian traditions or rituals with rational documentary evidences through research. The science of Astrology needs to be reviewed with more rational approach rather being discarded as superstition. Also, the gems when chosen with scientific accuracy and energized with the right Mantra will generate maximum effect.

Medicine as a branch of science for healthy living may be synthetic or natural. Ayurveda is is the ancient science of medicine which is holistic and natural. Ayurveda is the science of healthy life which integrates mind, body and emotions for a better living. The Atharva Veda has scriptures which have Mantras for various healing purposes, e.g. For energizing medicinal plants, enhancing healing properties & expediting the healing process. West has now accepted Ayurveda as one of the main medicinal branches & has also started institutions for its propagation. Various writers have become International Celebrities by working on the same science


1. Ciltivation & preservation of medicinal plants.
2. To develop Neem Forests.
3. To establish Institute of Indian Mystical Sciences.
4. To build a temple of Goddess Raja Rajeshwari.
5. To establish Math for Srividya.
6. To establish Holistic Healing Centre of 3M with Yoga andEnergy Healing.
7. To provide local employment.
8. To establish vocational and educational institute.
9. To organize health camps.
10. To publish news leters, magazines, books and run Radio / TV station.
11. To establish Sadhana Kutirs
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